Second Line Art & Vintage is located at the St. Mary's Antique Mall in downtown Saint Mary's in Georgia. Second Line is design, food, and retail all into one business. The store is a repurpose retail shop where art, clothes, and jewelry is sold. Second Line as a business represents design and community building. 

Second Line inspiration is New Orleans and Native American heritage. "Second Line" is a parade/march after a funeral. A jazz band usually play and family members and friends parade down the street celebrating the person who has died. Sometimes the deceased is paraded down the street inside a hearse or carried on foot. 

New Orleans is a huge influence in my businesses. My chef work is usually Louisiana style menus. Second Line has made it possible to combine all my business endeavors. I'm excited to get back to private dining. 


Second Line's goal is to become a house hold name and represent all my artistry into one business. I want to continue to create and design. If you are ever in Camden County stop by the shop and see what we have! 

 921 Osborne St, St. Mary's, GA 31558