Thank y’all so much for the love & support to my family’s business, Caywood & Randazzo Bakery! Every year we reach more and more people to try these amazing cakes!

The Caywood & Randazzo's bakery is located at 120 Packenham Ave in Chalmette, Louisiana. The Bakery is located in the heart of St. Bernard Parish. Caywood & Randazzo's is currently opened seasonally for Christmas through Mardi Gras. They offer Christmas, Saints, Valentine, and Traditional cakes during this period. 

 The bakery opened in 2015 and has been serving St. Bernard Parish ever since. There has been many roadblocks throughout the years but the bakery has managed to make it through natural disasters and Covid. The public has spoken and even if Mardi Gras is cancelled people still want their king cakes. 


The bakery is a crazy sight to see the days leading up to Mardi Gras. There's family members, friends, and workers just scrambling around to get all orders met and make cakes for the store. It can be crazy but I look forward to this time.  We get to see a lot of family and friends. Even though we are stressed to the max we still have fun. We appreciate all that our family does to make this delivery possible. This is a tradition.