Common questions:
1. Will there be a baby in the cake? Yes, there’s a plastic baby in all king cakes coming from the bakery. 
2. Is this an authentic king cake? Yes, my family uses the original Randazzo’s recipe that’s been used for generations.
3. What is a king cake?
4. How fresh will my king cake be? We will wake up at 3AM and meet my family at the bakery where they have already been working all night and start icing the cakes. We leave as soon as we get the last cake on the trailer.
5. What flavor is a “Royal” King Cake? 
Royal is cream cheese, apple, strawberry & lemon quartered off in sections. 
6. Slices by size:


MINI- 2-3 
SMALL- 10-15 
LARGE- 30-35 
XL- 50-55